Cultural Events

Fashion Event for the N.G.O. “SOS Children’s Village”
Organization of a Fashion Show and gala dinner, with the presence of the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren, for
the support of the N.G.O. “SOS Children’s Village”. Present 3.000 for the Fashion Show. 500 for the gala dinner.
A book with Lorens’s pictures from the film “The child and the Dolphin“ in Greece, where she had the leading role,
was specially published and given to her as a gift.

Cultural Events

“Levi’s unites Art with Fashion” / Levi’s Strauss – Art Denim Auction
Creation of Concept (Sculptors, Painters and Fashion Designers unite for the first time by creating art pieces on
Levi’s Jeans & Jackets). The Exhibition and Auction was targeted to high profile guests and one to the youth. The
artworks were created by 65 well known artists. Aim: the building of the “home” for the Teenager’s of the “SOS
Children Village”.
Vivienne Westwood, the famous English fashion designer, was the guest of honor.

Art Events

Kosta Boda of Sweden – 25 Anniversary in Greece “The Greek Light inspires 25 Swedish Artists”
Creation of concept “Art & Family” “Values that Last forever”.
Exhibition and Auction for the celebration of the 25 years of Kosta Boda in the Greek market. Creation of crystal
artworks by 25 well known Swedish artists, inspired by the “Greek Light”. The artworks were auctioned for the pur
pose of supporting the N.G.O. “For the Child and Family” and creating 2 scholarships for the School of Fine Arts. In
addition through a radio spot, couples with 25th wedding anniversary on that date, were congratulated and award
ed with an expensive Kosta Boda family gift.

Cultural Events

Maria Callas Commemorative Medal
Creation and promotion of the Commemorative medal in 1987, for the 10th aniverssary of Maria Callas death (1977-
1987), i
n cooperation with the Maria Callas foundation “ATHENEUM”.

Cultural Events

Franco Jeffirelli & Jeremy Irons for the “Friends of the Museum of Modern Art”
Organization of the preview of the film
and fund raising Vip gala dinner under the auspices
of the Ministry of Culture for the support of the new
National Museum of Modern Art
and the
‘Friends of the Museum of Modern Art‘.

Cultural Events

Lucio Dalla
Organization of a very successful concert with the famous Italian singer, at the Athens Lycabettus open Theater for
the support of the N.G.O. ”CARE” (abused mothers and children).

Cultural Events

Cesaria Evora
Organization of three concerts with the world famous singer Cesaria Evora,
for the support of the N.G.O “International Social Services”, children in need.


Lobbying & vip events
The VIP events were characterized by the participation of personalities from Prime Ministers to Presidents of com
panies, Museums, Champers of Commerce, National Galleries, worldwide known painters e.t.c.

Private Hellenic Cigar Club

Alexandra Ghika created the Private Hellenic CIGAR CLUB in Greece
The“Private Hellenic CIGAR CLUB“
members came from the elite society from all sectors, (business to actors and politicians etc).Monthly dinners incuded speeches from international speakers, specialists in the cigar field. The members had
also access to all private Cigar clubs wordwide, having been provided with a special card.The U.S.A. magazine ”CIGAR AFICIONADO”
published the opening of the “Private Hellenic CIGAR CLUB“
Board members trip to Cuba. Article in Sunday Newspaper Ependitis (Investor) – text and photoes by Vise President
Alexandra Ghika (3 photoes).

Generation Europe Foundation

Alexandra Ghika is the president of“Generation Europe Foundation”
based in Brussels since 2000, for Greece and Cyprus “Η Γενιά της Ευρώπης / Ελλάδα-Κύπρος”.
Operates in 27 countries, since 1995, under the Auspices of the European Commission.
Aims at providing European awareness to Youth. Its main activities are: Publication of the “Book of the Youth of Europe”, with additional subjects as Health, Environment, Human Rights, Employment etc.
Pan -European Debates & Conferences at the European Parliament in Brussels.
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