D.S. Valavanoglou General Partnership - Construction Company


EVRESI constructs machines able to make traditional confectionery products.
Semi-automatic and automatic machines that meet European technical specifications.

Αrchitectural Αpplications

EVRESI is also active in the field of architectural applications made of stainless steel, which decorate residential buildings (awnings, railings and doors) and business premises (stores & offices).




Factory Address

Industrial Zone Avlona Attikis

c.p 190 11p.o. box 2207  Kapandriti, GREECE
Tel 0030 22950 22834
Fax 0030 22950 23183

Mail Address

Office: Reras 26

c.p 190 11, p.o. box 2207 Afidne, Attikis

E-MAIL: info@evresi-constructions.gr